List Of Running Man Episodes (2017)

After bravely announcing that he was being treated for anxiety, Kang Daniel took a few months off to give himself a respite from the public eye. His fans were sympathetic to his needs and told him they would wait as long as necessary for his comeback.

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This isn’t Kang’s first time guesting on “Running Man.” Then still with Wanna One, he appeared in 2017 on EP. #374. He was a variety show novice at that point in his career. He was just 20 years old at the time, but he learned quickly that none of the cast members could be trusted when it came to winning the mission! He was sly and did well. And he was a welcome addition for the show’s female members, Song Ji-Hyo and Jeon So-Min, who had enjoyed fangirling over the handsome singer.

Showing that he was a good sport who didn’t expect special treatment, Kang Daniel good naturedly accepted his punishment — a painful finger flick on his forehead from Yang Se-Chan. HaHa hysterically tried to incite netizens to complain about the popular idol being mistreated.

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He has appeared on other variety shows as well, such as the 2018 season of “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.” The title is a little … unusual. But it’s a very fun concept for a reality series. A group of celebrities who are known for being homebodies share a house and entertain themselves with their antics … inside. Some of his (temporary) roommates included Mark Lee from NCT 127 and actor Lee Yi-Kyung. The latter has made a career out of playing bad guys (like in “My Love From the Star“). But playing Mario Kart against Kang, Lee looks like a kid himself.

I won’t say who wins, but it was endearing watching the guys all show off their skills. Kang Daniel went so far as to say that he was great at this particular game because he’s an excellent driver.

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Plot twist: Kang Daniel didn’t have a drivers license in real life! And he giggled cutely when he made the revelation to all the viewers.

What is your favorite Kang Daniel appearance? Was it on a music show like the 2017 KBS Song Festival? Or was it on a variety series like “Running Man“? Let us know in the comments below!


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