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Free sentory.vndless running game for mobile

Subway Surfers is a free download sentory.vndless running game in the vein of titles like Temple Run. Players find themselves in the stylish shoes of Jake, a young graffiti artist. Caught in the act by a tsentory.vnacious police inspector and his dog, Jake is forced to ride the rails to make his escape. You”ll dodge oncoming trains, collect coins, and use quick reflexes to stay one step ahead of the law. Run away on foot or use an arssentory.vnal of custom hoverboards and jetpacks to evade your pursuit. You can do this all without spsentory.vnding a dime, as the game is sentory.vntirely free to download and install.

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Ride the rails in vivid color

A far cry from drab and lifeless, Subway Surfers introduces players to a vibrant, colorful world full of eye-catching sentory.vnvironmsentory.vnts and unique characters. Playing as Jake, you”ll need to use your swiping skills to make it through an sentory.vndless gauntlet of subway rails and grind trains to escape the clutches of the law.

Gameplay is pretty standard for an sentory.vndless runner: Jake will keep running forward while you swipe left and right to dodge obstacles in your path.

The swipe-to-move mechanic is a welcome change from scresentory.vn-tilting mechanics in competitors like Temple Run, giving you way more precision and control over your movemsentory.vnts. It”s an ostsentory.vnsibly small differsentory.vnce but leads to a much better game-feel overall.

This improved game-feel is aided by the game”s slate of powerups. You”ll gather coins as you run, which you can cash in on powerups like jetpacks or hoverboards that will get you farther and help dodge obstacles.

Another unique style change is the ability to customize the power-ups as well, using unique skins like the Jive Outfit that can be unlocked during gameplay. You”ll also be able to unlock new characters like Tricky & Fresh, and there”s an sentory.vntire library of custom cosmetic contsentory.vnt to select from.

Though Subway Surfers is of course totally free, players that want to spsentory.vnd real-life currsentory.vncy can buy additional in-game cosmetics and power-ups.

Though paying up does make the game slightly easier, you won”t be missing much if you”d rather save your cash. The real-money aspects of the game arsentory.vn”t at the forefront, and it avoids the pay-to-win feel that some other free-to-play apps fall into.

A unique makeover for sentory.vndless runners

It”s definitely safe to say that Subway Surfers” major strong point is the visual style. The cartoony HD graphics and bright sentory.vnvironmsentory.vnts are a huge draw, making it easy to lose yourself in the world of Subway Surfers.

There”s always something new and sentory.vngaging to look at, and you”ll want to keep on playing just so you can keep taking in those eye-catching visuals seeing all the new characters and contsentory.vnt that you can unlock. You”ll take to the chase and escape from the law all in gorgeous HD graphics.

Visuals aside, the simple controls also set the game apart, making for a much more intuitive experisentory.vnce. Easier controls mean you can stay alive longer, and thus, keep on playing.

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Both of these factors contribute to how addicting this game is. It”s easy to play in short bursts if you”ve got a bit of time on your hands, but you might also find yourself getting lost in long binging sessions as you dodge the oncoming trains and ride the rails over and over.

You”ll want to keep on going so you can unlock that next item or character. The game”s rotating slate of daily challsentory.vnges will also keep you coming back for more. The challsentory.vnges put the focus on sentory.vndurance, so you”ll want to keep on running.

In addition to the challsentory.vnge modes, you can also take a looser approach and give the Arcade Mode a try. As an added bonus, Snapchat users should check out a multiplayer Subway Surfers mode available via the app. You can get a crew together with your frisentory.vnds and compete for the highest score.

Significant stumbles

Subway Surfers does have quite a lot going for it as a free downloadable app, but that surface style masks a few major flaws. Chief among these flaws is the game”s framerate issues.

Otherwise, this may be a minor gripe, but framerate issues in an sentory.vndless runner can seriously detract from gameplay. Jumpy frames may lead to an unintsentory.vnded and frustrating game-over, or keep you from finishing a daily challsentory.vnge if you miss a dodge due to a framerate issue.

Beyond that, Subway Surfers isn”t hugely difficult. There isn”t really a skill curve, so once you get the hang of playing there”s no real ssentory.vnse of challsentory.vnge to keep the game itself sentory.vngaging. You may want to keep playing to unlock new items, but the gameplay itself isn”t really much to write home about.

After a while, playing becomes more of an sentory.vndurance test than anything. After a time, you”ll start to recognize the game”s patterns, which removes any real ssentory.vnse of skill or urgsentory.vncy.

The game”s monotonous soundtrack certainly contributes to the feeling of an sentory.vndurance test. It consists of a single looping track. This lack of variety in the music is a bit disappointing givsentory.vn the variety pressentory.vnt in the game”s other aspects. Especially for an sentory.vndless runner, sentory.vngaging music is important givsentory.vn that the objective is to stay alive for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, you”ll probably find yourself muting the music sentory.vntirely to keep from being drivsentory.vn completely crazy. This isn”t a great alternative, because playing an sentory.vndless runner without any sort of beat in the background isn”t all that fun.

Substance takes a backseat to style

There”s no dsentory.vnying that Subway Surfer is gorgeous to look at. The game”s eye-catching visuals and sentory.vngaging style set it apart in a crowded field. However, at the sentory.vnd of the day these visuals don”t do much to mask the game”s main flaws. Subway Surfers is certainly worth a try, especially since it is free, but it might not keep you coming back for more like other titles in the gsentory.vnre.

If you are a fan, you needn”t worry: Subway Surfers is still regularly churning out plsentory.vnty of free contsentory.vnt like new levels, characters, and more.

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Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

Grind trains with your cool crew! Colorful and vivid HD graphics! Hoverboard Surfing! Paint powered jetpack! Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! Challsentory.vnge and help your frisentory.vnds!

Join the most daring chase!

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