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Mac Loud And Clear Collection For Spring 2020, Loud And Clear

It may feel like winter outside but MAC Cosmetics has already released their Spring 2020 makeup collections – the Loud and Clear Collection, and the Glow Play Blush Collection. MAC has done something new and different with these collections. Honestly, my initial reaction to seeing the packaging was that these products are fakes! MAC always has its black base colour and going clear with the packaging is definitely different!

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As we’re shifting away from the dark, long winter nights, this new MAC collection seems to be taking a lighter and brighter direction with the season. MAC has ditched its iconic black and sleek packaging for a whole new look of completely transparent and clear packaging! It feels in line with how the cosmetic industry is generally going, products are cleaner with less harmful ingredients and a clear packaging is a reflection of that.

As much as the name says “Loud and Clear”, this collection features a lot more neutrals and everyday wearable shades. Just like the season changes, these collections will help you make little changes in your makeup routine, from dark hues to lighter, refreshing tones.

Released on the 6th of February, MAC Cosmetics dropped The Loud and Clear Collection and the Glow Play Blush collection “with the fresh look of the spring season”. Included in the collections are 5 lipsticks, 5 lip glasses, 6 eyeshadows, 2 highlights and 11 blushes. This limited-edition collection will upgrade your makeup look this spring with beautiful pastel tones.

Spring’s freshest shades are here for self-expression – loud and clear. #MACLoudandClear

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The Loud and Clear collection is all about being clean and minimal. From its packaging to its beautiful pastel colours, it all depicts that less can be more! MAC Cosmetics has taken the all-natural theme to the next level.

The Loud and Clear Collectio has 5 limited edition lipsticks and lip glasses. It also has 6 eyeshadows with pretty everyday shades of nudes, peach, pinks and browns. Last but not least, it has 2 dazzling skinfinish highlighters that are WOW!

Here is a run-down of everything in the collection:


The lipsticks come in a frosted glass tube. Unlike regular MAC lipsticks that are known for their rounded tops, these have flat tops instead! Although I do find the packaging aesthetically pleasing, I do find it hard to find that MAC-lux kind-of-feel. Perhaps I simply need some time getting used to this new look!

Nonetheless, the quality is not lacking and these lipsticks live up to the greatness of MAC products. Anyways onto the actual lipsticks…


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