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a drawing of the earth”s surface, or part of that surface, showing the shape and position of different countries, political borders, natural features such as rivers and mountains, and artificial features such as roads and buildings:

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Nâng cao vốn từ vựng của bạn với English Vocabulary in Use từ

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Học các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một cách tự tin.

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a drawing that represents a region or place by showing the various features of it, such as rivers and roads, and the distances between them, so that people can get help in finding their way from one place to another:
a drawing of the Earth”s surface, or part of it, showing things such as the shape and position of countries, political borders, towns, rivers, etc.:
The qualitative and quantitative relationship between these maps will be explained by the surgery construction in the next section.
The maps deal with climate and emphasise special features relating to rainfall, winds,- etc., which would riot be shown in an ordinary topographical atlas.
In his visits to and walks around allotments, public housing projects and wasteland, he took photographs, drew maps and interviewed inhabitants or users of space.
Both maps illustrate in great detail the most modern, developed areas and iconic buildings, while the less densely inhabited areas were reduced in size.
Such studies have been very useful in mapping the cognitive architecture of human short-term memory to specific brain regions.
Some fences have been replaced and moved compared to older maps, but it is still quite easy to recognize the localities from former studies.
In days past, the features, often words, were directly plotted on a map, and isoglosses were drawn to circumscribe the region.
A secondary problem is that mapping excludes random variables, which by definition are not interface parameters.
Note that and are disjoint; this follows from the fact that the circle of radius 3/4 about the origin is mapped strictly inside itself.
Name training either taught some children that novel names should be mapped onto novel kinds or enhanced their commitment to this belief.
In contrast, when comparing the maps for topic 5 it seems that the minutes give an accurate account of the discussions that took place.
There are three maps and each refers to an expedition or expeditions that took place in the area presented.
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với map.

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An iso-bar contour map was then produced, showing areas of pressure corresponding to specific finger volitions.
Những ví dụ này từ English Corpus và từ các nguồn trên web. Tất cả những ý kiến trong các ví dụ không thể hiện ý kiến của các biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của người cấp phép.


a person employed by a newspaper, a television station, etc. to report on a particular subject or send reports from a foreign country

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