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This item is incompatible with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Here we are over 10 years later, and Rockstar still hasn”t given Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the update it deserves. In this guide we have fixed many bugs from the PC game, and also added some mods to restore things from console versions of the game, without any sacrifices.
GTA Vice City, much like GTA III and San Andreas, has a fairly dated PC port. Rockstar Games seems to not care much for their older games on the Steam and the PC platform, sadly. These GTA: DE patch aim to correct many issues and modernize these ports smoothly.
By installing this patch you are breaking the Rockstar end user license agreement and when contacting their support, they may refuse due to the EULA violation. In accordance with the GNU GPL license(s), as the author of this guide, I have a right to non-commercial distribution and change, provided any changes to the original source are provided. I, in good faith believe that GTA: DE patch follows these terms. I am not the author of the following modifications, and therefore any error/crash/bugs should be directed to the developers themselves.
Fixes bugs in the game, developer errors during porting, crashes on Windows 10, adds support for widescreen displays, 60 FPS, AI enhanced textures, gamepad support, adds some elements straight from the mobile and PS2 version of the game. To install just unzip all the contents of the archive in the game folder, agreeing with the replacement.
Before the first launch of the game, it is highly recommended to install the following libraries in order to avoid crashes and some other problems.

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Remastered Intro VideosAnniversary GUI (Compiled from many other mods. Thank you to all those who are not included in this list).
Faced with a certain problem, or just want to know as much information as possible before starting the game? Answers to frequently asked questions are published below:Game logos and Steam Overlay at the beginning of the game may not work.Steam”s save files is doesn”t work. Clear the User Files from the My Documents folder and start a new game!If you are experiencing FPS issues, follow these steps:Remove the AI Enhanced Textures folder from the modloader folder.In the scripts folder, open the file GTAVC.WidescreenFix.ini and change the values to disable anti-aliasing in the game:
In the same folder, open the file VCLodLights.ini and change the values to degrade the drawing distance:
“DrawDistance = 3.6” to “DrawDistance = 1.8″”MaxDrawDistanceForNormalObjects = 600.0” to “MaxDrawDistanceForNormalObjects = 300.0″”PreloadLODs = 1” to “PreloadLODs = 0”
If you want to change the FPS (this may cause some bugs and make story missions unavailable), you can change the following values in the FramerateVigilante.ini; III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster.ini; MixSets.ini files:
If you need to change the aspect ratio, open GTAVC.WidescreenFix.ini in the scripts folder and change the values to the desired value.
If you are experiencing problems running the game, try setting compatibility with Windows XP in the properties of the executable file.You can enable anisotropic filtering and vsync for smoother gaming and detailed graphics in your graphics card settings.If you still have other questions, you can ask them in the commentaries, as well as do not forget to share the bugs found, your suggestions.
<14.03.2021> Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Definitive Edition ———————————————————————————————-The patch has been updated and the following changes have been made:Added “Ped Shadow”.Fixed the mixsets error.Replaced icons when playing with a gamepad. They are now displayed in HD quality and correspond to the buttons on XONE and PS4.———————————————————————————————-Do not forget that the update should only be installed on a clean game. There may be problems with saves in the form of various bugs. Recommend starting a new game!
Since when is this mod locked at 30 fps ? I changed threshold value in FramerateVigilante.ini to 60 but it doesnt effect the game. I dont want to disable frame limiter to play at 60 because then it disables VSYNC.
Gaslight, as far as I could test it seems to work pretty well, I let you know if I find any other problem, thank you!For everyone who has this problem, go to your game files and delete the file “PedShadow.asi” located in the scripts folder.

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Like below, having the changing outfit problem. What”s weird is that it worked the first time I changed into the Suit for the Mission “The Party” Afterwards, trying to change into Tommy”s street clothes gave me the error. This was after about 20 minutes of overall playtime.Installed off a clean install as well.
Yes, started new game and it immediately freezes on second mission when I need to change clothes in Rafael”s shop.


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