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belonging or relating to various groups within the Christian Church who believe that God gives people special powers, such as the ability to make others well again and to speak to him in a special language:
They are both individual bearers of charismatic authority who have attained legitimacy independent of affiliation to any prior lineage.
As charismatic churches are not based on longstanding doctrinal and liturgical traditions, but belong to the founder and leader, they are easily and quickly adjusted to new trends.
Although he used few illustrations in his texts, his descriptions of “charismatic centers” of power gave examples of how public displays conveyed meaning in pageantry, dress, art, and architecture.
In addition, tourism is an important and growing sector that relies largely on the possibility of viewing charismatic megafauna such as elephant, lion, hippo, and buffalo.
Here, the role of the charismatic authority of individual shaykhs and the vital importance of local context in shaping the order”s various remakings is well explained.
Proponents of ” the eye ” were reluctant to outline the precise methods by which furious maniacs were transfigured, and unsurprisingly, the sources of the charismatic stewards” efficacy were contested.
Furthermore, information coming from scientific evidence makes it difficult to practice medicine and management purely from obedience, or even to follow, without critics, the recommendation of charismatic leaders.
We can all believe in the rule of law for attractive children, for pretty girls, and for charismatic heroes.
The conservation of plants is sometimes overshadowed by concerns about animal species—the so-called “charismatic mega fauna” such as elephants, tigers and whales.
Many of them are no more than tiny little groups, headed by one or two men with charismatic powers of leadership.

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A characteristic of the groups is the elevation of a charismatic leader into a divine or semi divine status.
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