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First Flight for Dassault Falcon 6X

Dassault Aviation chạy thử pilots Bruno Ferry & Fabrice Vallette took off for the first flight in Falbé 6X serial number 1.

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SmartSky Networks has now amassed more than 200 patents as the company prepares for commercial launch of its air-to-ground broadband connectivity service.


The contracts will tư vấn the fleet of C-20G, C-37A, and C-37B Gulfstream aircraft used by the U.S. military.

With the recent recertifications of its Houston và East Alton locations, West Star has repair station approvals at four locations from the Mexican AFAC.

A Gecas-AerCap combination would result in a combined portfolio of more than 2,000 aircraft, 900 engines, & 300 helicopters.

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The UK’s business aviation sector is experiencing the most challenging period in its history due to lớn the impact both of the pandemic & Brexit.
The year-to-date net order count turned positive for Boeing in February while 2021 deliveries have risen lớn 48.
Satcom Direct has begun inflight testing of its Plane Simple tail-mounted Ku-b& antenna system, one year after the launch of the purpose-built unit.
Titan Aviation Fuels will officially rebrand its 550-thành viên Shell FBO network to its own independent, full-service Tirã Fuel brand.

Despite Covid, Air Transport Can’t Dodge Pressure to lớn Reduce Its Environmental Impact
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In today’s fast-paced, globally connected economy, you need partners you can depend on & aircraft that deliver. That’s why Bombardier’s industry-leading portfolio of Global, Challenger và Learjet aircraft are designed to lớn elevate your business by offering productivity enhancing features và rock-solid reliability with outstanding economics.

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